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Farmabios manufactures and markets active ingredients for pharmaceutical applications and provides custom synthesis services



A wide range of advanced proprietary technologies in accordance with GMP standards and Pharmacopeas specifications.



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Our manufacturing operations take place strictly in accordance with GMP standards, ICH guidelines and Pharmacopeas specifications..
This is proven by the testimony of our customers and the outcome of the dozens of audits carried out by the Italian regulatory authorities, namely AWA AlFA, by the USFDA, as well as by our customers.

Farmabios is involved in:

  • The bulk and bulk sterile production of API, using specific production methods based on a wide variety of technologies, and in accordance with applicable GMP and ISO standards
  • Other R&D and Custom Synthesis activities appropriate to joint ventures for the development of syntheses/products - scale-up activities

Through its in-house research and development department, the company is also able to offer specialist collaboration in terms of setting up specific production methods based on a wide range of technologies.

Farmabios has just recently finished implementing a development program, also involving a number of other partners, for the creation of a GMP plant capable of producing nanoparticles with dimensions of up to 50 nanometres, which allow for the improvement and enhancement of the characteristics of our APIs.

Our technicians are available to assist with studies involving powders with the best inherent characteristics for the specific applications that are of interest to the customer.