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Farmabios manufactures and markets active ingredients for pharmaceutical applications and provides custom synthesis services



A wide range of advanced proprietary technologies in accordance with GMP standards and Pharmacopeas specifications.



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Our manufacturing operations take place strictly in accordance with GMP standards, ICH guidelines and Pharmacopeas specifications.
This is proven by the testimony of our customers and the outcome of the dozens of audits carried out by the Italian regulatory authorities, namely AWA AIFA, by the USFDA, as well as by our customers.

The plants:

  • Multipurpose area for the production of STEROIDS
    There is an installed reactor capacity of 46 cubic meters.

  • Departments for manufacturing of PROGESTINIC STEROIDS
    We have a total reactor capacity of 27 cubic meters.

  • Manufacturing unit dedicated to the production of STERILE STEROIDS
    We have a dissolution unit with a capacity of 1,500 liters and two crystallization units with a capacity of 1,000 and 3,500 liters respectively.

  • Section reserved for the production of EIPSs (High Potency Drugs) (Potent Substances)
    We are currently operating with reactors with capacities ranging from 135 liters through to 1,000 liters.